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When traveling with Lisa, you see the old familiar world from a different angle. “Look, a Tyrannosaur!” I look up and all I can see is a cloudy sky. But then suddenly, I can see a cloud-dinosaur for a moment, before it dissolves. On an old weathered wall of a ruin, she discovers a robot-head, which I recognize after five minutes of intense staring. But I have to give up on the lion-outline on the living room floor. Apparently, my imagination cant cope with Lisa’s.


Sometimes I think it must be exhausting to walk around so overstimulated – like a never ending LSD-trip. But Lisa presents her discoveries with such childlike enthusiasm that I discard that thought again. It doesn't seem to exhaust her, rather it seems to boost her energy. That imaginative power that most people lose when they grow up – in Lisa it lives on.


Therefore it makes sense that Lisa chose a profession where she can transform that power into two- and three-dimensional forms. Now, dinosaur, robot and Lion come to live again, on grattage-paper, fabric, clay, photo composition, plaster and Styrofoam – so that everybody can take part in Lisa’s world.

By E. Rehbein


Lisa Hyan born (1988) and based in Berlin works as a freelancer sculpture and propmaker in her own Studio.

She did her 3 years apprenticeship (2010-2013) at the „Stiftung Oper in Berlin“.

During this education she made props and sculptural work for renowned theaters .

2014 she got an EU-Stipendium which offered her to work at the theater in Uppsala, Sweden.

Currently she still works for the theaters and parallel at her own projects. 

Feel free to get in contact to realize your ideas!

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